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Eric Black
• Finished his Film studies in 1988
• Works as cameraman since 1992
• Unbeatable when it comes to sports coverage, especially Basketball and motor sports.
• Warning: we’re still trying to find something nasty to say about him ;-)
• Speaks French and a bit of English.
• Good experience with Japanese crews.
Claude Esselen
• Finished his Film studies in 1990
• Since then, works as cameraman.
• His in depth knowledge of HD and digital formats makes him the perfect asset for your High-Def production.
• Warning: Don’t try to look in to his eyes: you’ll get a sore neck.
• Speaks German-English-French-Dutch.
• Good experience with American & Japanese crews
Horst Mockel
• Finished his Film studies in 1986
• Works as cameraman since 1990.
• Extensive experience in working for foreign Broadcasters and producers, Documentaries, current affairs, corporate.
• Because of his experience, he enjoys working as coordinator.
• Warning: He’s a bit of a trekkie. Just don’t get him started…
• Speaks German-English-French-Dutch.
• Long experience with American & Japanese crews.